Antigua Photo Walks At Position No. 3 on TripAdvisor

The Antigua Photo Walks that I lead around La Antigua Guatemala continue to receive lots positive response. As mentioned not too long ago, in less than a year of being listed on TripAdvisor, the photo walks have been received over 50 excellent reviews, putting it among the top 3 activities to do in Antigua Guatemala.

Here’s one of the recent reviews. To read other reviews, visit the TripAdvisor page for Antigua Photo Walks.

More than a photo walk – excellent experience!”

I was looking for a photo walk with an insider at the beginning of my stay in Antigua to improve my holiday photos … but what I got was a profesional photo class I will never forget. Rudy is a very friendly and patient teacher and explained photo techniques in layman terms, even I could follow. :o) He gave me an introduction to street photography and helped me to fight my sheepishness and to take pictures of people from a short distance. He went out of his way and took much more time to cope with my needs and questions than we actually agreed on. Thanks for the fun and the enjoyable experience, Rudy! I can only recommend this walk – go for it!!

— Reisefreudig2015,Vienna, Austria

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