Natural Framing of Maya family at arch of Real Palacio

The power of street photography resides in its ability to capture candid moments, truly authentic slices of daily life. One way to capture the decisive moments is to visualize them and be ready to release the shutter when they happen. Even better if you can use creative framing in the process as I did in the vista above [the after photo].

I was teaching the dos and don’ts of natural framing [see photo below] and mentioned how we must watch for distractions on the borders of frames as well as how we should strive to have interesting elements in our foreground, middle ground and background, especially when using a wide angle lens. In the before photo below, I showed how the bottom third had really nothing interesting and the distraction of the cropped arch on the right of the frame and how simple reframing could provides us with a stronger frame. Right at the moment a Maya family happened to walk by and provided the stronger elements in the foreground.

As I say often, I really enjoy sharing my approach to photographing strangers and seeing how other apprehensive photographers dramatically transform from being shy to really conquering their fears and making beautiful portraits of strangers or candid authentic slices of life in a single session.

I believe I have a fun and solid photography workshops/photo walks that produce consistent results for photography enthusiasts. Travelers have awarded my Antigua Photo Walks with over 300 top-rated reviews and recommendations on TripAdvisor.⠀

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RGP — Before natural framing of Maya family at Real Palacio

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