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Are you visiting Guatemala and would like to learn how to elevate your photography to a higher level? We will show you the best spots to photograph Antigua Guatemala’s sites and people, and share the tips, tricks, techniques and secrets of a street photographer. We are also happy to design a private photo walk for you if you would prefer dedicated one-on-one attention and to focus on specific themes or techniques.

Antigua Photo Walks are led by professional photographer, Rudy Giron, who has been capturing the spirit of Antigua Guatemala’s streets since 2006 at

Book your Private Photo Walk today!

Private Antigua Photo Walks are customized to your exact: needs, interests, schedule, and skill level. Private can mean just for you, or for your family, or your travel group. The private photo walks can be from 2 hours to a full day. You can call/text/WhatsApp/iMessage me at +(502) 4569-4419 if you have any questions or Contact Rudy Giron to set up a private custom photo walk.

Private Antigua Photo Walk Pricing:

  • 3-Hour Private Antigua Photo Walk: $125 one person. Group: $110 per person, two or more.
  • 4-Hour Private Antigua Photo Walk: $160 one person. Group: $140 per person, two or more.
  • 5-Hour Private Antigua Photo Walk: $200 one person. Group: $175 per person, two or more.
  • 8-Hour Full Day Private Antigua Photo Walk: $300 one person. Group: $250 per person, two or more.

Other personalized time durations available upon request.

Make your reservation: Click this “Pay Now” button to send your $125 reservation retainer +5% to cover PayPal fees. Once you have made your reservation deposit, I will send additional information including our meeting point, and what to bring.

Private Antigua Photo Walks Themes

  • Chichicastenango Market Day Photo Tour  [$300 p/p, Full day +$125 for private transportation]
  • Lake Atitlán Street Photography Full Day Tour  [$400 p/p Full day; $600 p/p for the 2-day workshop. +$125 for private transportation.]
  • Antigua Guatemala Villages – A study in Texture and Authentic Daily Life [minimum 5 hrs +$75 for private transportation]
  • Travel/Street Photography: The Secrets to Capturing Candid Photos and Portraits of People. [minimum 4 hrs]
  • Vibrant Market + Colorful Bus Terminal Bonus. [minimum 4 hrs]
  • Night Photography Walk [5pm – 8pm, tripod required/offered, $125 per person]
  • Special Cuaresma & Semana Santa Sunday Photo Walks[Every Sunday of Lent & Easter]
  • Day of the Dead Photo Tour [$200 p/p minimum 2 people, maximum 6 people.]
  • Best spots to capture Antigua Guatemala / Photo Tips and Techniques.  [minimum 3 hrs]
  • Architecture and Mermaids and Lions Hunting in Antigua Guatemala.  [minimum 3 hrs]
  • Natural and Off-camera flash Lighting Portraiture with a model.  [minimum 4 hrs plus model fees]

Here are some of the things you can/will learn at the Antigua Photo Walks:

  • Photography basics (if needed, for beginners)
  • The best locations and times to photograph iconic buildings and landmarks, plus interesting trivia
  • The best locations for photographing people and tips, tricks, and techniques
  • All the tricks for capturing street photography close-up candid portraits
  • Capturing gesture, expression, and emotion and telling stories with your images
  • Street portraiture tips and tricks
  • Camera settings and focusing techniques
  • And, of course, the shared knowledge is tailored to your skill level, what you want to see, and what you want to learn!

Portrait of photographer Rudy GironAbout Rudy Giron: A photographer, instructor and entrepreneur based out of Antigua Guatemala. A light chaser, photography lover, visual story-teller who has been publishing daily photographic stories since May 2006 at, Antigua Guatemala’s go-to resource in English for everything about Guatemalan culture and traditions. Rudy does commercial and event photography worldwide by request, and especially loves doing photo shoots in La Antigua.

For information or to book a photo walk:
You can reach me at +(502) 4569 4419, WhatsApp +502-4569-4419 or through Skype: Call @RudyGiron

Antigua Photo Walks are the #1 rated for Antigua Guatemala.

“If you enjoy photography, this is a great experience!”

Experience 5/5
We spent ~3 hours with Rudy for his private photowalk around Antigua.
You get to choose on what you’d like to focus on (street photography vs general photography)
He starts you off with a 15-20 minute presentation on what you’ll focus on (composition, subject matter, lighting, etc), and then you put it into practice. Even if you’re familiar with photography, reviewing these with another person helps remind you of the basics.

You’ll learn traveler tricks for getting into places that you didn’t know were available, you’ll visit multiple photogenic locations around Antigua, and more importantly, he’ll help guide you and critique you to take better photos overall.

Value 5/5
As a hobbyist photographer, I thought the price we paid was fair for his time, as it was both a photography lesson and city walk throughout Antigua. I think it would be best scheduled EARLY on into your trip so you can take what you’ve learned and apply it throughout your vacation.

Difficulty 1/5
Rudy was easygoing, spoke great English, and was very accommodating to both new and experienced photographers. The walk around town was not difficulty at all, obviously Antigua is cobblestone streets only so you just have to watch where you are going, as well as the street/vehicle traffic.

I would recommend Rudy’s Photowalks and would do it again in a heartbeat.

—Mark, Dallas, Texas

“Must do activity in Antigua!”

I was in Antigua only for a day and a half recently, and am so glad I chose to invest 3 hours of that time in a private photo walk with Rudy. Rudy is really passionate about photography and about sharing his knowledge with others. The short presentation at the beginning of the walk was an eye opener for me, and had me itching to put some of those basic principles in practice right away. I quickly went from being someone who always uses a point-and-shoot camera in “Auto” mode to being able to understand the technicalities of aperture, exposure, shutter speed, etc. and becoming comfortable with changing settings to shoot various scenarios. Rudy’s pleasing personality and a guided walk of some of Antigua’s secret spots was an added bonus. Highly recommend!

—Jasmime, San Francisco, California

Best day so far in Antigua

Rudy’s photowalk was fabulous. He set the stage beforehand with some great tips and advice, then challeged us to use the principles in the community. We were taken to some amazing places that we never would have found on our own. The information, stories and history were a lovely addition as well. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see another side of Antigua, especially if you want to improve the memories you take home.

—Liz, Calgary, Canada

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