Dolce Gelato for the Wedding Night in Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

We were just parking when I saw the newly-wed couple pulled around the corner. I knew the potential for a shot was there, so I pulled the camera and starting working in the settings for a twilight shot, possibly in black and white, although it doesn’t matter as I alway shoot in RAW, but it does to visualize the final presentation of the photograph. The coupled went inside a zaguán, entryway, for gelato shop, swiftly I walked behind them and decided the frame should be shot in vertical orientation to use the archway as a framing device. My imagined image had the couple ordering ice cream, but the bridegroom continued walking towards the bathroom. Methinks the frame became more interesting by having what appears to be a lonely bride ordering gelato on her wedding night; what do you guys think?⠀
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