You are cordially invited to join me in my next photo walk: Holy Weeks Elements that I am leading around Antigua Guatemala on Holy Thursday starting at 2pm. In this fun and informative photo walk we’ll capture images of and learn the meaning of all different aspects of the world famous Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala. I will be sharing lots interesting information about the Holy Week processions, floats, carpets, cucuruchos, music bands, aromas, flowers, et cetera. I will also share many tips and photographic knowledge to help you capture more interesting and powerful photographs to help you take your image-making to the next level!

Investment: $20
Date: April 17, 2014
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Rendezvous: Máximo Nivel Intercultural Center, 6a avenida norte #16 y #16A, Antigua Guatemala
Info: (502) 4569 4419 & (502) 5600 0493 or through the contact form.
Things to bring: Camera [any kind camera], hat, water bottle and comfortable shoes.
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Hash tags: #LAGphotowalk

If you want to have an idea of the sort of stuff we will be photographing, take a photo tours through the Holy Week archives of If you have any questions I am always ready to chat. These photo walks are meant to be of value for the complete beginner and the advanced photography enthusiast.

PHOTO WALK: Holy Week Elements, April 17, 2014 with photographer Rudy Girón

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