Without further ado, I will begin writing in English in this blog to supplement my writing in Spanish. You may ask yourself why? And the simple answer is: I blog, therefore I am; or was it the other way around.

The long answer is that I am a bilingual person. By bilingual I don’t mean just that I can speak a second language, but that my thought process is done, very often, in two languages. I have wrestled with this idea for a couple of months now and I even solicited the opinion of a couple of friends. One approach could have been to write another blog in English only, nevertheless, I don’t write too often to have two blogs. Furthermore, two blogs, one in Spanish and one in English, could not reflect my thought process and the way I experience life. I work for an English-language magazine and for a Spanish-language revista.

Besides, I want to create some serious competition to El Canche, who happens to be, almost, the only voice in English coming from the Guatemalan Blogsphere. Well, I do not really want to compete; rather, I want to augment his work. Also, I want to promote and bring some light over the enormous work being done by the Guatemalan bloggers. With this in mind, I will do some reviews in English of Guatemalan blogs written in Spanish. This is already being done by Global Voices Online. But, I can do it quite often.

I came across the blog of Pablo Bromo and others that did not think twice about writing in another language. So there you have it. From this point forward there will be some English in Crónicas efímeras (Ephemeral Chronicles).

If you are new to this blog, please, hang on. I will soon have enough copy in English for you. In the mean time, enjoy some of the stuff I have written in Spanish so far about Guatemala, La Antigua, Guatemalans and their contradictions. There are plenty of photos which come in a language which is universal.

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