Overview of the Inauguration of #Guategrams Photo Exhibit in New York City

First of all, I want to thank Esperanza Huerta, my curator for the #Guategram Photo Exhibition. Next, I want to show my gratitude to Marco Perez, the organiser for the exhibit in New York City and the inauguration. Further, I want to thank Impacto News Gallery for hosting the exhibition for two months in Manhattan. Additionally, I want to thank my dear family in New Jersey for providing the means for me to come and stay around here for a couple of weeks. Furthermore, I want to thank all the friends and acquientances who travel great distances to show their support by being present at the inauguration of #Guategrams in NYC. I know there were friends who came from Washington DC, San Francisco, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, and Xela.

There were several media reporters and was interviewed for print and radio. Soon, I will also be interviewed for a local television channel.

Marco Perez, the organiser, shared this summary with the members of United Latino Professionals:

The door person at the entrance to the opening of our #Guategrams exhibit at Impacto Latin News Gallery was Dayana Islas who welcomed everyone with a smile. The event was a huge success, with about 60 people making their way through the beautiful exhibition in New York City. Thanks to all who participated, giving of their time, location and talents. It was great to see many leaders of the Latino community stop by to celebrate Guatemalan culture with us. Stay tuned for more photos coming soon

UPDATED: I will continue updating this entry as more photos become available.

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