#StreetPhotography — Framed in a corner of Antigua Guatemala BY RUDY GIRON

Andrew Barney Kavesh: Great photo, Rudy — as always. Curious what your view is on taking photographs of strangers without their permission, as appears to be the case here. To be sure, in this scripted silly selfie world of ours, these candid photos of yours provide wonderful cinéma-vérité. But when you take these photos, do you purposefully try to stay incognito. You capture this woman here in full, dramatic stride — truly adding drama to the photo. She walks with an attitude, which you capture. Hard to tell if hers is a frown or a subdued smile or if she has spotted the photographer and is not bemused. Rudy, what do you think about when taking these type photos? For sure, different cultures have different attitudes about their photos being taken.

This photography genre goes by the name of Street Photography and I shoot it everywhere I travel to. I actually teach photographers how to approach street photography and the art of photographing strangers; it’s my most popular workshop. I don’t hide or stay incognito. In fact, I actually shoot from a really short distance with a wide angle lens.

Take a look at my Instagram feed or my Rudy Giron Photography fan page feed for more samples of street photography.

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