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#PhotoTips: Visualize your shot and have some patience.

I was leading a photo walk on 7a avenida when I saw a nun coming out of through the doorway and I sensed that there was the potential for a stronger image with more nuns in the frame. Then a second nun came out and lastly a third nun was about the exit and that's when...

#PhotoTips: Anticipate the Action and Use Creative Framing

The power of street photography resides in its ability to capture candid moments, truly authentic slices of daily life. One way to capture the decisive moments is to visualize them and be ready to release the shutter when they happen. Even better if you can use...

#PhotoTips: When to turn your photos into black and white?

If you find a monochromatic environment, a black and white photograph is quite possible. Also, if there's something in color that causes the focus to be lost or there is visual noise, then a black and white might be a good option. Lastly, for aesthetic reasons, as...

#PhotoTips: How to Use Natural Frames to Make Stronger Images

Whenever possible use natural frames to make your images more interesting and stronger⁠. ⁠ Today's shot was made during one of the Antigua Photo Walks I lead around town. I was sharing some of the best street photography practices and creative frames to capture...
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